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The Top 10 Pomeranian Toys of 2021

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Pomeranians are an incredibly sweet, intelligent toy dog breed that rarely weighs over 7 pounds when fully grown. Originally descended from the German Spitz in Poland, Pomeranians were bred to be lap dogs. Today they are very popular with for pet parents who live in small homes and apartments. Although Pomeranians are active dogs their size makes them incapable of going on long walks or runs. You also need to be very careful leaving them alone with other dogs. Large and medium size dog breeds can seriously injure you pup if they are aggressive or untrained. This makes it extremely important to get your Pomeranian the exercise they need by playing with toys! Toys and mentally stimulating puzzle games are a great way to bond with your pup and make sure they get plenty of physical activity. We tested over 100 different small breed dog toys with our Pomeranian pal, Alice. Alice is a 3 year old Pomeranian and loved the small chew toys we gave her more than anything else! Chew toys. Toy breed chew toys can potentially be a choking hazard for large dogs but are ideal for the Pomeranians petite frame. Additionally, Alice loved several of the tug of war toys which we have included below. Take a look at our buying guide below, which lists the top 10 Pomeranian toys available on the market!