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The Top 10 Havanese Toys of 2021

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Havaneses are small breed dogs that are ideal for city environments due to their small size and clam disposition. Havaneses rarely bark unless provoked and do extremely well in snug environments. Orginially bred in Cuba, many people are unsure of what Havaneses look like because the color of their coat varies so much. Havaneses are extremely social dogs, that are very easy to train compared to most breeds. If you are thinking about adopting a Havanese and live in a urban enviroment you should have a plan in place to make sure your get your pup plenty of exercise and socialization. One great way to make sure your pup get adequate exercise is to buy them several toys! This is a great way to bond with your pet, make sure they get the right amount of exercise, and keep them occupied throughout the day if you are busy. Below we have listed our customized list of the 10 best Havanese dog toys on the market. Based on our research we noticed the Havaneses we played with tend to like squeaky toys the best. If that option is too noisy for you we suggest trying out some of the rope toys we have included below. All the toys provided below have been thoroughly vetted by our product team to make sure and the materials used in the manufacturing process are completely safe for you to use. Additionally, we had our Havanese friend Rex try out all of these toys to see which one he liked best!