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The Top 10 Cane Corso Toys of 2021

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Cane Corsos are large breed dogs that have been used as bodyguards and protectors since the days of the Roman Empire. A Fully grown Cane Corso can weigh anywhere from 100 – 120 pounds and is extremely intellignet. Cane Corsos are one of the most intellignet dog breeds which is why they are prized both as bodyguard and seeing eye dog. Can Corso is actually Latin for “Bodyguard Dog” Because of their large size and intimidating nature you want to make sure you stay on a Cane Corso’s good side at all times. Owing a Cane Corso is a big responsibility. A untrained Cane Corso can be a dangerous threat to humans and animals alike. This makes it extremely imporant to socialize and train your dog before they are fully grown. We have created a buying guide of toys that are great for making sure Cane Corso’s get proper exercise and can learn to bond and play with other animals and humans. Because of this many of the toys inlcuded in our list below are toys that reuire two people or pets. However, we have inlcuded several chew toys that will keep your pup occiped when you are out of the house. Because of the size and strength of a Cane Corso’s jaw we made sure to pick extra durable toys that will last a long time even with large breeds. Lastly, we made sure every toy we included was made with non toxic and BPA free materials so your pup is not in jeopardy of potentially ingesting harmful substances when playing with their new toys!