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The Top 10 Bernese Mountain Dog Toys of 2021

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Bernese Mountain Dogs are extremely intelligent, hardworking dogs that love the cold weather. Originally domesticated in the Swiss Alps, Bernese Mountain dogs were used to help resuce people in poor weather conditions. Berners are typically aloof dogs so you need to make sure you spend socializing your pup with other pets and strangers. This not only helps you bond with your dog, but lets your Berner make other great relationships as well. One great way to socialize your dog is to play with toys. This helps your dog get exercise and keeps them occuiped and mentally engaged when left at home. Based on our observations and testing with over 100 dog toys we noticed Bernese Mountain dogs love playing fetch more than any other game. As a close second we noticed Bernese Mountain dogs tend to have pretty stinky breath. Giving them a dental chew toy is a great way to keep their teeth healthy and breath tolderable for you! Additionally, all products included in this review are made with non toxic materials and BPA free. We want you to rest easy knowing your dog will be safe playing with any of these toys!