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The Top 10 French Bulldog Toys of 2021

French bulldogs are one of the most popular small breed dogs in America. They are especially well liked in cities, and are a great fit for dog owners who live in apartments. Additionally, French bulldogs get along great with other household pets and rarely bark (which makes them great for apartment complexes). Because Frenchies are prone to asmatha and breathing problems it is important to make sure your pup gets plenty of exericse. Playing with dog toys are a great way to bond with your pup and make sure they get plenty of exercise. Below we have outlined the top indoor and outdoor toys for French Bulldogs. Because French Bulldogs have flat faces many dogs toys are difficult for them to pick up and play with. Luckily, we tested over two dozens toys with our French Bulldog Sebastian! We made sure Sebastian could easily pick up and play with all the toys included in this buying guide. Additionally, we check out all the top manufacturers including West Paw Design, Aipper, and Kong to make sure they are reputable brands that make pet safe products. We hope you enjoy these reviews and please let us know which toy your pup likes best!