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The Top 10 German Shepherd Toys of 2021

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German shepherds are great dogs that offer safety, protection, and assistance to pet owners with physical impariments. Additionally, German Shepherds are considered to be the strongest and smartest dog breed. This is why most police dogs are German Shepherds. If you have a German Shepherd you know they are full of energy and require lots of exercise and engagement. If you work outside the home or your pup is frewquently left alone you need to make sure they have toys, games, and exercises they can engage in to stay active and healthy. If you do spend the majority of time at home with your dog you should constantly be looking for ways to get them healthy exercise. Toys are a great way to help German Shepherds with teething, training, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Because of this you need to make sure you buy toys that can withstand extremely aggresssive chewers. Below we have reviewed 10 toys that would be a great fit for any German Shepherd. Our team bought roughly 20 toys and let our German Shepherd pup, Rose, try them all out. All the products in this buying guide have been made by trustworthy manufacturers like Wobble Wag. Rest assured that we discarded all the toys that were torn apart and made sure only to include highly durable toys made with non toxic materials. Let us know what toy is your favorite in the comments!