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The Top 10 Labrador Retriever Toys of 2021

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Labroador Retrievers are one of the most playful, family-friendly breeds of dogs you can adopt. Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world because they are great with young children and make great companions for hunting and fishing trips. The breed was originally domesticated in northern canada to help fishermen. Because of this Labs love the water and need plenty of exercise. Fully grown labs are large breed dogs and are known to be aggressive chewers. Below we have selected the top 10 durable dog toys for labroador retrievers. We have vetted the top manufacturers including LotFancy, VanFine, and Nerf to make sure all the materials are durable for aggressive chewers and do not contain toxic materials that will make your pet sick. When looking at the selection below try to keep your dogs environment in mind. Will they be playing in the water, outside, inside, or by themselves. Based on our product research you should be able to get a quality toy for your lab for around $12. We have included both high end and afforadable options in our buying guide that should work for any price range. No matter what your dog will use their toy for we promise we included a good selection for you!