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The Top 10 Chihuahua Toys of 2021

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As far as small dog breeds go, chihuahuas are considered good family pets. However, chihuahuas sometimes do not take kindly to strangers who intimidate them, and they tend to snap. Just like most other small dogs, chihuahuas are known for their barking and can be tempermental. Though sometimes too excitable, they are very loyal to their owners. Chihuahuas also often need constant love and attention, so it is important to keep them active and/or occupied most of the time. A good way to do this is through interactive toys and puzzles. Finding toys for chihuahuas can be difficult for many reasons. First off, the toys have to be small enough to fit in their mouths and play with, but they also have to be strong enough to withstand their sharp teeth. Below, we have selected the top 10 best toys for chihuahuas. These toys were handpicked and tested based on quality, price, and enjoyment by chihuahuas and other small dog breeds. We also made sure that every toy in this guide is non-toxic and completely safe for your pup to play with!