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The Top 10 Vizsla Toys of 2021

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Vizslas are highly energetic and inttelligent dogs that are great for active pet parents. Vizslas were originially bred in Hungary and were used as sporting dogs. Today, they make great dogs for hunters or families. The key to raising a happy and healthy Vizsla is to make sure to gi ve them lots of love, attention, and exercise. Vizslas were bred as working dogs and will be miserable sitting in a cramped house all day. If this happens chances are your Vizsla will begin tearing apart furniture and clothing. We have created a buying guide that includes the top 10 toys for Vizsla dogs. These toys were hand picked by our staff based on the strength and habits of several Vizslas. Based on our obserations and research Vizslas like puzzle toys and playing fetch the most. Because of this we have included several of the most popular puzzle games available on online. This is not only great exercise for your pup but will give them mental stimulation and keep them occupied when left alone throughout the day. We also made sure to inlcude fetch toys that work great both indors and outdoors. Finally, we made sure all the toys included below were made with durable BPA free materials. We are confident everything in this list is perfectly safe for your Vizsla pup to play with!