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The Top 10 Mastiff Toys of 2021

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Mastiffs are loyal, large breed dogs that can outweigh fully gorwn adults once they reach maturity. Although Mastiffs are very loyal dogs, they can get territorial if they are not properly socialized. If you adopt a young Mastiff it is important to make sure you expose them to lots of other people and dogs. If you do not they can become aggressive when introduced to new people or environments. If you adopt an adult Mastiff you may need to enrolll them in obedience training. Until you do it is important to not leave them alone with small children or other dogs. Toys are a great to to socialze your new Mastiff and make sure they get the proper exercise. We tested over 115 large breed dog toys with our Mastiff, Lenny. Leeny is a 5 year old Mastiff who is extremely strong, and has lots of energy. Because of his large size and strength Lenny frequently chews through his toys. We have found 10 high quality toys that Lenny had lots of fun with, but were durable enough to withstand the strength of his jaws. We have included these toys below in our Mastiff dog toy buying guide.