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The Top 10 Maltese Toys of 2021

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Maltese dogs are a toy breed that weigh less than 8 pounds soaking wet. The breed is easy to tell due to their floor length shiny coat and extremely affectionate personality. Because of their small size Maltese pups need to be treated very gently, evenly when they are fully gorwn. Their size also prevents them from doing strenous activities like going on a run or or doing any sort of manual work. Standard, leashes, toys, and food are far to big for a Maltese dog. However, there are certain toys that are a great way to get your pup exercise and socialize them. Toy breeds require special toys that are the proper height and weight for them to pick up and play around with. Below we have created a buying guide that highlights the top 10 Maltese toys currently available. These toys were specifically designed for toy breeds like Maltese pups. Based on our research and interviews with other Maltese pet parents we have found that Maltese dogs prefer squeaky chew toys. These are great for playing both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, make toy breeds frequently have dental problems. We have included several edible chew toys in this guide as well to help fight plaque and gingivitis.