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The Top 10 Collie Toys of 2021

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Collies are mid sized sporting dogs that can stand over 2 feet when full grown. Originally, working dogs Collies were used to herd livestock in the fields. Currently, Collies are one of the preferred dogs on gold courses and make great family dogs. Collies are incredibly easy to socialize and love playing with other dogs and children. Colies need lots of love, attenetion, and exercise. Nothing makes Collies more unhappy than having nothing to do. Because Collies are working dogs they take joy in being active. Collies do not do well in small spaces and do best with large yards to play in. We have spent hundreds of hours reviewing over 150 dog toys to figure out what type of toys are best for Collies. We tested these toys on mid size working dogs and spoke with Collie pet parents to figure out what types of toys Collies like to play with. Based on our research we determined Collies like playing fetch more than any other game. All the toys included in our Collie toy buying guide have been tested for durability and quality of materials. All the toys included below were made BPA and phthalate free so you can rest easy knowing your pup is playing with high quality, safe, and affordable toys.