Nutritional Facts On  Dog Food for Large Breeds

Before bringing in a large dog as a new family member, please keep following things in mind…..

Plan First

They require large spaces and cost of maintaining them is enormous


Choose food for you large dog wisely. Or it can lead to permanent damage to bones and muscles of your dog. Foods for large puppies and large adult dogs are different.

Choose Wisely

No such thing as Universal Dog Food exists. Not all dogs are alike. Neither is their food. Feeding right food to right dog matters.


Large puppies need foods that are lower in fat, have a good calcium content, correct Calcium-Phosphorus ratio, and provide high quality protein.

Food for Large Puppies - 1

Choose no added calcium - low carb treats. Fruits and vegetables are better substitutes. Avoid grapes, raisins, and onions.

Food for Large Puppies - 2

Large adult dogs need – · a fibre source such as beetroot mush that also contain micronutrients beneficial for digestion and absorbing nutrients.

Food for Large Adults - 1

Large adult dogs need – · a blend of low fat foods rich in carbohydrates for energy that also help in sustained required sugar levels

Food for Large Adults - 2

Large adult dogs need – · proteins for muscle health, vitamins, minerals, fish-oils etc. for healthy skin, shiny coat, boosting immunity power and maintain overall growth

Food for Large Adults - 3

The market is swarming with dog food products. Consult your vet and choose correct product/s for your large puppy / adult.

Choose Correct Food