11 Dog Euthanasia Facts You Need to Know

What is Euthanasia?

The word Euthanasia originated from Greek and means Good Death.

What is Dog Euthanasia?

It is the painless killing of a dog suffering from an incurable and / or painful disease or in an irreversible coma.

Dog Euthanasia procedures are intended to cause negligible agony and suffering to the dogs. These are very distinct from slaughter and pest control.

Is It Slaughter?

Most of the dog parents choose to euthanize when sufferings of their dogs become unbearable and there are no chances of recovery.

Is It Really Necessary?

How is it Done?

Dog Euthanasia is done by giving intravenous drug. Some vets adopt a two-step procedure. 1st shot causes unconsciousness and the 2nd causes death.

How is it Done? (cont'd)

Vets mostly use an overdose of barbiturates for dog euthanasia. The dosage may differ according to size of the dog.

Barbiturates are Nervous System depressants. When administered, respiratory arrest followed by cardiac arrest ensure instant death. It usually takes 30 seconds.

How Does It WorK?

Dog parents can choose to be present with their dog at the time of its euthanasia. It’s an emotional decision. Mental preparedness is also necessary.

Presence of Dog Parents

Pit Bull (all 4 variants) is the most euthanized dog breed followed by Chihuahua.

Most Euthanized Dog Breeds

They need responsible ownership. Most feared, abused, neglected and abandoned dogs, they end up in shelters if adopted without knowledge.

Pit Bull

Chihuahuas became popular because of use by Hollywood celebrities. But people realised that Chis are not mere show pieces. Without proper training they become stubborn and aggressive.