10 Best Dog Training Tips

No Rush Pl

Dog training takes time. Do not rush the process. Remember we took 5 months to learn to walk?

Where to Train?

Start training your dog in your home or garden. Expose him gradually to different environments later.

Puppies immediately learn basic commands like sit, stay, come etc. normally when 7-8 weeks old. Start training them as soon as you bring a puppy home.

Cath Them Young

Attention span of puppies is short. Limit your session to 5 minutes. It should be fun for both of you. Do not take more than 3 sessions in a day.

Session Length


Gently rub ears and paws of your puppy regularly. Rubbing ears relaxes the puppy greatly. Rubbing paws helps in nail trim later.

Leash Training

Let the puppy wear his collar / harness for a short time first. Initially, walk inside the house with him on a loose leash. Increase this time gradually.

Never prohibit your dog from smelling things. His nose is thousands of times more powerful than your nose.

Smelling Sense

Remember, yelling ‘No’ at your dog is not going to help. Think about what you would like the dog to do instead, and spend time to teach him.

No? – No No…

Punishing your dog may teach him what not to do. But it does not teach what to do. Avoid punishing you dog at all costs.

Never Punish

Never be shy of rewarding your puppy with a snack or toy. It is indication of your full support which helps them learning basics quickly.