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The Top 10 Rottweiler Toys of 2021

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Rottweilers are large breed working dogs that are frequently used in guardian and protective roles. Rottweilers need lots of space and do well when they have a large play area. In addition to working with police and law enforcement many pet owners who love large breeds often adopt Rottweilers. If you are a new pet parent you should be aware that Rottweliers often require more training than the average dog. Because they are bred to be guard dogs the can get defensive easily. This requires owners to spend lots of time socializing them. The best time to socialize you dog is as a puppy. One of the best ways to do this is by frequently playing with your dog. This inlucdes going walks, playing with toys, and making sure they get plenty of interaction with other dogs and humans. Below we have outlined a list of the 10 best toys for Rottweilers. Because of their large size Rottweilers require durable toys that can handle aggressive chewing, clawing, and pulling. Large breed police dogs tend to like the same types of toys. This includes tug of war, and squeaky toys. Cheap dog toys will get destroyed quickly and could be harmful if your pup accidentally ingests them during play time. All the toys in this list have been tested with multiple large breed dogs that fit the criteria of aggressive chewers. Additionally, we have checked all the manufacturers for quality control so you can rest easy knowing all the toys you buy from this list are completely safe for your pup!