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The 10 Best Raised Kennel Flooring Options of 2021

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There are hundreds of benefits to having a dog in the house including companionship, protection, and overall stress. However, dogs are notorious for scratching furniture and ruining carpets. Depending on the level of training your dog has they may be downright destructive in your home without meaning too. Even trimed dog nails can scratch leather and wood furniture. A bathroom accident can force you to replace your carpet. Kennel flooring is a affordable, safe way to keep your pup damaging furniture or carpets. Most foam kennel flooring costs less than$1 per square foot and can be set up to give your dog plenty of room to play in the house. Outdoor tiles are also great because they offer your dog protection if you let them play outside. Below we have reviewed the best kennel flooring options on the market so you can keep your dog and home safe!