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The Top 10 Poodle Toys of 2021

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Poodles often come with the stigma of whiny dogs that are only owned by upper class pet owners in cities. However, this generalization is completely wrong. Poodles are one of the most intelligent, energentic dog breeds that exist. Additionally, Poodles are extremely active dogs and require lots of exercise. Because Poodles come in multiple sizes (standard, minature, toy) there are not many toys that work for all Poodles. The size of your dog plays a big role in what kind of toys they should play with. Large toys do not work for toy Poodles because they will have lots of difficulty picking up the toy. Similarly, Standard Poodles should not be given small breed toys because they present a possible choking hazard. Below we have provided a list of the best toys for different types of poodels based on the size of your dog. We have separated the toy groups into standard, miniature, and toy so you can find a great toy for any type of Poodle!