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The Top 10 Pembroke Welsh Corgi Toys of 2021

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Pembroke Welsh Corgis are happiest when they are busy. Because Corgis were originailly herding dogs they are used to running around all day with other animals and humans. Today, most people do not use Corgis in a herding capactiy. However, if you have a Corgi it is important to get them plenty of exercise and engagement with other animals and people. Regularly playing with your puppy is a great way to get them exercsie and socialize them. Below we have created a buying guide that features the 10 best toys you can buy for Corgi puppies and adult dogs. We have included toys that work great both inside and outside so you and your pup can have fun in any environment. Additionally, all the toys included in this guide are phthalate free so you can rest easy knowing the materials in all the products below are safe for your pup to chew and bite.