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The 10 Best Leather Dog Harnesses of 2021

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A collar is typically one of the first purchases you make as a new pet parent. If your dog runs off you want however finds them to be able to contact you. However, dog collars can actually be quite dangerous. If your dog tries to run away and you are forced to pull or hold onto the least you are choking your dog. Depending on your strength and the size of your dog you could potentially bruise their neck or spine with the single point of contact offered by a leash. A dog harness goes around your dog’s torso and is a much safe alternative to a traditional collar. Leather dog harnesses are extremely comfortable and allow your more flexibility when taking your dog for a walk. Most vets recommend collars over harnesses in order evenly distribute the pressure form the neck to the torso. Below we have reviewed the top 10 leather dog harnesses so you can find a great option for any size or coat type!