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The Top 10 Dog Nail Files of 2021

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Clip your dog’s nails regularly to prevent them from causing damage to floors, furniture and keeps their overall health and wellbeing safe. Dog nail clippers can be used in conjunction with a dog nail file or sandpaper to keep nails smooth and groomed. There are different types of dog nail files designed for different purposes, as well as different ways to use each type.

These 10 dog nail file options include the traditional file and file & blade variety. Their sharp stainless steel blades cut through thick, tough nails with ease. But, do not forget about battery-powered nail file systems which provide you with easy-to-use clips and reels for when you’re away from home.

All of the included products are well-made and used to a good standard. You’ll see that some are stronger than others, but that ultimately it all boils down to quality. When you pick a nail filer for a dog, look for it to be strong and durable with well-made handles. For example, you don’t want to just buy a cheap plastic one that has a wonky handle that can break under pressure from your dog. Over all, these dog nail file sets utilize true dog nail clippers and changes the cuticles of each dog so they’re smooth and close enough together to make easy-to-use files without tearing the nails.