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The Top 10 Dog Goggles of 2021

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It’s important to protect your dog’s eyes from the elements. Whether you are taking your pup for a walk in the park, a run on the beach, or letting them ride shotgun with the top down its important to make sure you are taking care of your dog’s eyes. Many breeds of dogs suffer from glaucoma and cataracts as they age. Proactively protecting their eyes is a great way to set them up for long term success in old age. This can happen through direct contact with sunlight or through rubbing against their fur which causes direct damage to their corneas. Dog goggles can help prevent this. We selected the best goggles based on their ability to protect your dog’s eyes from the sun, debris, and adjustability based on their facial structure. No matter your dog’s age, breed, or size these goggles are a great way to protect their eyes from the sun and debris on the ground and make it possible for them to enjoy the outdoors in any climate!