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The Top 10 Bagel Dog Beds of 2021

bagel dog beds

These days, we see a lot of cool variations of the traditional style dog beds. One of these is the Bagel Dog Bed . This bed is designed in such a way that it looks like a long bagel with holes cut into it, and your dog could fit much more comfortably. This design might be among one of the most unique product designs when it comes to dog beds.

The bagel bed is a dog bed made with the form of a bagel to allow dogs to burrow deeply and comfortably. An ideal dog bed should be large enough to accommodate the entire body, but not too large or too small. The bagel shape creates a soft bed surface that will not hurt your dog’s sensitive skin. Though both top and bottom layers are covered in fluffy fleece, most donut designs have a raised border designed to encourage burrowing and prevent indentation on the bed for additional comfort.

We ranked the top 10 best bagel dog beds based on reviews from dog owners like you!