Top 10 Prohibited Dog Breeds for Homeowners Insurance

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are powerful, energetic dogs that need lots of exercise. If not exercised, they become irritable or even aggressive.

Pit Bull

Pit Bulls were originally bred to be courageous and game. These qualities make them stubborn, tenacious and fearless. Should be supervised when with children.

Rottweilers are basically guard dogs. Males can be a bit aggressive and dominant. They can become nuisance barkers or diggers and are capable of much destruction.


Chow Chow

Chow chows are independent & stubborn. Aloof with strangers and aggressive with other dogs, they may become nuisance barkers if their alarm barking is not controlled.

Wolf Dogs and Wolf Hybrids

Hiding from strangers is basic quality of Wolf Dogs. Daily handling of a pup during first 21 days and gradual exposure to strangers later is a must.

Canary Dog is a large, powerful, intelligent and headstrong dog breed. In wrong hands and without proper training, the Presa is dangerous.

Presa Canario (Canary Dog)

Large size makes Akita difficult to control and is not suitable for everyone. It has extreme strength and endurance and needs dedicated training.


German Shepherd have guarding instincts and tend to be wary of strangers. Poor breeding and inadequate training can lead to over-guarding and high-strung, nervous or aggressive behaviour.

German Shepherd

Giant in size, Great Danes can be stubborn learners. Obedience training is a must from an early stage to ensure manageability when fully grown.

Great Dane

Siberian Huskies are somewhat independent and stubborn. They need firm, gentle training right from puppyhood. Bred to run, they often chase cats and livestock.

Siberian Huskies