Most Loyal Dog Breeds That Will Always Stay With You


Collies are one of the most loyal dog breeds. They are quick learners, fond of children and staunchly dedicated towards their families


Though easy-going, Beagles are first-rate hunting dogs and faithful mates. They are popular as bouncy, astute and snoopy family pets.


Boxers are devoted, thickset and sturdy. Though intimidating to look at, they can be friendly and sociable with proper training.

Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular breeds. They still retain their loyalty traits from the fishing expedition days and will go to any lengths for their family.

German Shepherd

This is a classic breed of loyal dogs. Whether working for police or with a family, they will always go an extra mile for their owners.

Golden Retriever

Truly reliable, the ‘goldies’ just love their families above all. They are very energetic and are friendly with one and all.

Saint Bernard

St Bernards were originally bred as search and rescue dogs for the alpine mountains. Though massive, they are very calm and loyal family companions.

Great Pyrenees

Originally bred for watching sheep, the Great Pyrenees are gentle giants that protect the family and property with same loyalty.