5 Best Tick Treatments for Dogs

Ticks are parasites that suck your dog’s blood and can transmit zoonotic diseases. Ticks are a big threat to animal and human health.

What are Ticks?

Ticks can hide around eyelids, in & around ears, around tail, under front / back legs, between toes and under the collar of your dog.

Where do  Ticks Hide?

Tick treatments can be preventive or curative. There are options of oral or topical treatments. Oral are more convenient.

Types of Treatments

Here are some of the best tick treatments. . . 

5 Best Treatments for Ticks in Dogs

Bravecto (Oral & Topical)

NexGard (Oral)

Simparica Trio (Oral)

K9 Advantix II (Topical)

Frontline Plus (Topical)

Inspect if dog is scratching itself. Remove ticks if any with fine tipped tweezers or a tick key. Clean bite area.

Prevention 1

Bathe your dog frequently. Comb / brush thoroughly after every outdoor visit. Keep your surroundings clean.

Prevention 2